Saturday, August 8, 2009


Ellyse is a 5'11 Australian ginger and we LOVE her. Although she is quite reserved in her demeanor, she is anything BUT in front of the lense! She just has one of those faces that does so much when doing so little... and her body is... well... lets just call her The Body.

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rebecca said...

what a beautiful shoot! she is so beautiful. i was just looking through some of your old stuff and you have worked with so many amazingly beautiful models. im not a model but looking through all the shoots its really making me wanna be one im not sure why but there you go. i am very angular and a uk size 6 but im only like
5"5 so i cant really be a model. id love to post some of your pictures on my blog giving a link to your blog and talking a bit about it. i was wondering if thats okay and i wont do anything until i get a reply back from you. dont feel at all obligated to say yes and if you want to give me certain conditions thats fine. thanx alot x