Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Saint Anna (Factory Magazine)

I did a collaboration with Graphic Designer and artistic genius Niall Hamill for the first issue of Factory Magazine... We shot this story in 20 minutes at what was soon to become our new shooting hot spot... The images above are the photos... the images below are a couple of the edits... Keep your eyes open for the next issue!

Model: Anna Feller

Styling by the incomparable Mila Franovic
Hair/Makeup: Stephanie Lavigne


Anonymous said...

amazing work as always, tay and mila!

hanni said...

Wuau love it really i liked from the first picture to the last ,a namazing stiling and the model it's just perfect

sixohfour said...

Sick stuff, Taylor.

I've got the issue in front of me right now. I really love how they printed yours.

Mila Franovic said...


Ehsan said...
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Onlineticketspot said...

yah they are all fine and i love to see them all..

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